Bullet Resistant Windows and Drawers

Creative Industries develops and manufactures bullet resistant windows and drawer; our products are designed with small applications as well as large in mind

It is not necessary to purchase a complete system from us in order to obtain a certain item. Most of our items are very simple, aesthetically pleasing and practical. Our research and development is never ending as many of our products are down-to earth solutions to our customers’ problems.

Industries That We Serve:

  • Major Corporations
  • Oil Companies
  • Military
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Airports/Transportation
  • Financial Institutions
  • International
  • Detention Facilities
  • Retail Industry
  • College/Universities

Bullet Resistant Deal Trays

Our bullet resistant deal trays are often mounted below bullet resistant windows to allow transfer of currency and small items, we have a variety of styles and shapes.

Bullet Resistant Windows

All of our bullet-resistant windows are manufactured to the very highest standards.

Bullet Resistant Talk Thrus

Our bullet resistant talk thrus are designed to accommodate any glazing thickness with a variety of mounting hole diameters. All of them feature natural voice transmission.

Bullet Resistant Drawers

Deal Drawers, Cash Drawers and Transaction Drawers are built with functionality in mind as well as bullet resistance. Our bullet resistant drawers offer security whether they are open or closed.

Bullet Resistant Pass Thrus

Our Pass Thrus offer flexibility while keeping the operators safety in mind, they are designed to efficiently pass packages between secure and non-secure areas.